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Germany EU Blue Card is introduced as an immigration card at par with US Green Card to attract skilled professionals from different parts of the world. The card came into effect from August 1, 2012 for Indian citizens. People with technical skills are targeted mostly, but the German blue card is not limited to technical persons only.


• You must be a Non- EU national
• Masters educational degree
• 5 years of work experience
• You must have a valid employment contract with a gross annual compensation ofat least 47600 Euros / Per Annum OR A employment contract in an occupation with     skill shortages (Scientists, Mathematics, Engineers, Doctors and IT- skilled workers) with the amount of 37128 Euros/Per Annum


• EU Blue card system is single card for both work and residence permit
• The card permits highly educated and skilled foreigners to stay and work in the EU
• On completion of initial 2 years in the card issue country, migrant can move to any country under the Blue Card Agreement
• On completion of 5 years in a country under the Blue Card, a migrant can apply for PR

Benefits of EU Blue Card:

• Same working and salary conditions as the country nationals
• Right to socio-economic rights
• Perfect for family reunification
• Freedom to associate
• Blue Card makes it easy for migrants to get a Permanent Residence, after staying for 5 years in the same country
• Free to travel anywhere in European Union
• Tax benefits, pension funds, social benefits to be same as a citizen of that country
• Enjoy free education

Visa Fee:

Germany EU Blue Card has a visa application fee which is charged by the German embassy. The charges are:

• For first time issuance of a Germany EU Blue Card: 4400 INR
• For renewal of Germany EU Blue Card: 100 Euros


Embassy charges are subjected to change without prior notice. Please confirm before submitting the application.