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Goal Canada, the second biggest nation on the planet involves the vast majority of the northern piece of North America, covering the huge land territory from the United States in south to the Arctic Circle in the north. It is a nation of tremendous separations and rich regular assets. Long time some portion of frontier North America, Canada turned into a self-overseeing province in the mid nineteenth century (1867) while holding connections to the British crown.

Canada is flanked by Alaska (USA) in west, and by 12 US conditions of the mainland United States in south, the nation imparts sea fringes to Greenland (a self-ruling domain of Denmark) and Saint Pierre and Miquelon, an island which has a place with France.

Canada's scene offers an extensive variety of characteristic landscapes and is separated into different topographical locales.

The Canadian Shield, or, in other words topographical territory, envelops a large portion of the nation and focuses on Hudson Bay. The southeastern district of Canada is commanded by swamps, circumscribed by the Great Lakes: Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario.

The nation possesses a region of 9,984,670 kmĀ², making it the biggest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Looked at it is marginally bigger than the US, or 18 times the span of France. 36.3 million individuals (in 2017) live in the nation, this is around 10% of the populationofneighboring USA. Capital city is Ottawa, biggest city is Toronto, talked languagesare English and French.